Your Time

Your Time

Make time for yourself.

We often make a plan for the next day, the day after the day after that and for years on end.
Maybe such plans are important and not very important, but plans are still made. We often forget to add one very important point "MY TIME".
It does not matter how long it takes. 10 minutes or an hour. It's very important that it's your time.
Of course, you can find many reasons not to take “MY TIME”. A lot of work, little children or grandchildren, trips.
But we must begin. Let it be only five minutes to start with and maybe six or seven minutes next time. Your time is the time when you give yourself pleasure.

This can be a cup of coffee and a piece of your favorite movie or music. At these moments you can get photos of parents and remember their voices and bring back memories.
At these moments you can remember the friends who have past way and those living.
All that, brings you pleasure, make this "YOUR TIME".

Learn to say "NO". We must learn to live for ourselves. This is not selfishness. It's a time of rest for your soul. We must not be afraid to say: “now I am busy.” You do not have to answer the phone. You can just turn off all the phones.

Perhaps this understanding comes when you get older. You cannot continually run when you no longer want to. Your soul wants a break.

People have learned to move from continent to continent for few hours, but forget to stop near a tree in spring and look at the beginning of life of a leaf on a tree.

If we learn to have "our time" - we will learn to think. Thoughts that are born in peace are wise thoughts.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Long time ago, I noticed a very old man. In a clinic. He sat and waited. Waited and looked. He looked at me, and I was amazed at how much kindness there was in his gaze. He looked at me the way parents look at children.
Probably, he had a lot of "his time".
He could not run any more. But he could see. Something very important.

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