Memories - inside

Modern life is all about speed. In the movements in time, in the transmission of information, in almost everything.

We begin to hurry- in small things and large.

After waking up in the morning, we do not notice the beauty outside the window, the singing of the birds.

We look out of the window indifferently. We are only interested in the weather. Because it also affects our speed.

We forget that you can listen the coffee boiling. Or wait for the tea leaves to stain the boiling water, turning it into your favorite drink.

-Why do we need to become old in order not to think about time?
-Why are old people in no hurry?

They do not want to rush time. Because there is so little left.

Therefore, old people smile tenderly and why they try not to argue, why they are able to listen.
Of course, not because they have left the circle of life, stopped working, gave their business to their children or acquired dependence of any kind.

Old people have learned TO SEE TIME.

It turns out that time is material. With age, time becomes more obvious.

Old people begin to cherish it. They do not spend it on quarrels, grievances or anger.
They try to "stretch" time.

Because  TIME is - moments of life.

They like to brew tea, without the convenience of tossing a teabag into a cup. Rather dropping scattered tea leaves into your favorite teapot. The process of tea drinking becomes a ritual that gives pleasure and a sense of time materiality. They feel that time does not run, it's with them now and it's so important.

When we come to visit them, we should try  TO SEE   time.

We must carefully look at our parents and remember them.
Because this time and its memories will return to warm you up.

Speed - heats your outer being.

Memories - inside.

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