Kind rooibos

Kind rooibos

Why do I love rooibos?

It has patience.

Sometimes when you brew a pot of black tea, but then as so often happens at the office, you are distracted; you forgot about your pot of tea and now it is cold and bitter. Almost angry at you for forgetting. I frowned and pushed it aside as it had become tasteless to me.

And what happens with Rooibos?
It does not know how to be angry. Rooibos is more like your favorite dog or cat. Can wait. It has patience and rejoices your return.
Rooibos is like a sunshine in a cup. Always reflecting warmth, even if it's already cold.
Rooibos becomes so much of you that you cannot do without it.

When you leave Africa and travel to other countries, you soon miss the soothing taste of Rooibos. If you happen to find it in the cafe menu, it's as if you met a fellow countryman. Trying to talk with him. In one language. In the language of the sun.

Hey, People - drink kind drinks and become kinder.

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