Honey Autumn

Autumn. Winter is coming. Some of us are already starting to get bored with the sun, on warm days.
At home we want to drink warm drinks. Sometimes with honey.

-It seems that honey has taken something from the sun; possibly its light?

The flower stretches toward the sun. Absorbing the suns’ warmth, brightness, beauty.
Bees buzz around the flowers. Solar energy permeates the honey. Honey on your table, shares part of the sun, part of summer.
Its beautiful color reminds you of sunny days slowly getting shorter.

A sunny country South Africa gave people rooibos. This plant is also part of the solar energy. When you brew it, you get a little red color, it's like the color of Africa.
Honey is a great friend of rooibos. They, as it were, talk to each other, together they are the rays of the sun.
Let's warm people in winter.

Let's remind them of the summer.

Enjoy the tea!

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